Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sigh...okay, those of you who know me through our affiliation at the L-P know I've never been particularly fond of this guy. The material that I was given to work with was pretty weak from the get-go, and I did what I could to turn it into something with a little more eye-appeal. In the end, the customer was happy enough with the final product that it's been used in many, many different ways to help promote their stores...so, I guess you can't argue with success! Regardless of that, I still think he's an ugmo...


  1. I think you should have vita-man and tireman battle to the death. Sweet lighting on the boots!

  2. Thanks! I think Tireman would win...his costume offers better mobility than Vita-man's does...although, Vita-Man can fly, according to the banner ad...!


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