Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latest Caricature!

This nice lady (who shall remain nameless but who *MIGHT* be a world class gold medal-winning curler and who *MIGHT* be retiring from the FCC this week!) is my latest victim. I'm posting the pencil sketch, inked drawing and final AI version, just to showcase a bit of the process. (Thanks for the idea, Junior!)


  1. No prob, it's cool to see your process. You totally cheated your face off on the curling rock, I see! (I would have too, though)

  2. Time is ALWAYS a consideration, junior! I didn't get this thing inked 'til 11:00pm the night before I needed to have it ready for the customer. Inking the difficult concentric circles that comprise the curling rock would have slowed me down considerably! So there! :)


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